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I had been to the NYC vegetarian food festival on 2nd and 3rd March 2013. It was an amazing experience. All the food there was vegan or vegetarian. Most of the products were certified gluten-free. There were a few snacks that I found helpful and they really tasted good. Most of them are available at Stop n Shop, Shoprite, Pathmark, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods.

Chips: “Way Better” company makes wonderful tasting healthy tortilla chips. The flavors available are multigrain,  black bean, sweet potato, sweet chilli, naked blues. one small packet has roughly 12-13 chips in each and they are good in taste and nutritious too. Each packet has roughly 160-170 calories, 3-4g of fiber, 3-4g of protein, less sodium, less fat. Out of the total fat content unsaturated fat was more compared to saturated fat (which is a plus). The ingredients used are simple, sprouted and organic. Check them out on

Cedar’s Snack Pack: This is a snack pack of hommus and chips. Each pack has around 215-220 calories, 5g of dietary fiber, 5g of protein. The chips used are made from chickpea flour, stone ground corn, brown rice flour. You will find them on their website under the section of products, you will see a section of snack packs and clicking on it will lead you to these 3-3.5oz snack packs of hommus and chips. I find the sodium content of these packs little on the higher side.

Fruit Pops: I really liked Chloe’s soft serve fruit pops. The one I tried was just 60 calories, 15g of carbohydrates and 15g of sugar. It was a great product to quench my thirst for ice cream (and a healthier option than regular ice cream). The fruit pops are made of only 3 ingredients: real fruit, filtered water and organic cane sugar. I checked out their website at and I really liked their products, I am going to try some. They are located in the NYC near union square. You can check their address on the website, some locations also carry their products (check it out on their website).

I would like to hear your feedback on these products and also share info on other healthy products you have tried or come across.

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