Save yourself from weight gain this Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is just few days away from today. As we all are getting ready to spend this holiday with our families and friends, many of us might be scared about gaining weight; after all its the start of the holiday season. Research shows that most of the people gain weight around this time of the year. Does this problem sound like yours? Well then read this article and check what you can do differently on thanksgiving and during this holiday season to prevent yourself from gaining those few extra pounds.

First and foremost, DO NOT MISS YOUR BREAKFAST. Have a good healthy breakfast. I do not mean having bagels or donuts in your breakfast but healthy breakfast like milk and cereal, egg sandwich, egg omelette with a slice of whole grain toast, oatmeal etc.

DO NOT STARVE yourself till the time of party. This is another big mistake most of us do. We do not eat anything because we are saving those calories for that thanksgiving feast that we will have and ultimately you start binging on whatever dish you see first at the party. If you do not starve yourself till the party time, you will find yourself making some wise decisions regarding eating that day. Enjoy everything but in limits!!!

Fill yourself before you go to the party, so that you are not jumping on food as soon as it arrives. Typically having a fruit like apple or pear which fills you up at such times works, not to mention, you get the fiber and other nutrient benefits of it as well. Even a bar which is within 150 calories can save you here.

Select pumpkin pie over pecan pie and save yourself around 150 calories. Remember most of us need at least 30 minutes of workout to burn those 150 calories.

Eat Slowly. Enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends while you are eating and talking. Put your fork down in between the bites. It is a very simple thing but it does save you from those few extra calories which you might otherwise have. Savor each and every bite of the food you eat that day.

Finish with your exercise that morning or participate in a local turkey trot 5K or 10K walk or run by signing up early this week.

Think and plan beforehand about what you can do differently this holiday season to prevent the weight gain!! You will see for yourself when you start thinking you start making healthier choices!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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