Protein sources for Vegetarians

vegetarian protein sources

Protein comes only from meat is a myth. When you hear somebody being a vegetarian, is this the first question that pops up in your head ”How do you get your protein intake?” or “Do you get enough protein from your food?” I myself come across this question many times from my clients when they come to know that I am a vegetarian. In this article, I am going to focus on how to get enough protein from the plant and dairy sources for anyone who is a vegetarian or looking to become a vegetarian.

Below is a list of some protein rich sources:

 Food item  Amount  Protein content
 Tempeh  ½ cup  15 g
 Greek yogurt  6oz  13-17 g
 Soyabeans  ½ cup cooked  13-14 g
 Cottage cheese  ½ cup  13 g
 Tofu  ½ cup  10g
 Lentils (dals)  ½ cup, cooked  8-9 g
 Edamame  1/2 cup, cooked  8.5 g
 Milk  1 cup  8 g
 Beans  ½ cup, cooked  7-8 g
 Quinoa  ½ cup, cooked  4 g
 Peanuts  1 oz  7 g
 Chia seeds  1 oz  4 g
 Hemp seeds  1 oz  6 g

Tempeh: It is a soyabean product made by natural culturing and fermentation process to bind soyabeans into a cake form. You can find it in many health food stores (it is refrigerated)

1/3 cup of nuts and seeds also contain between 3-6g of protein. A good way of including them in your intake is to mix them in your smoothies, have them with the milk and cereal or oats. Almost all foods contain minimal amount of protein but if you include few of the high protien sources from the list above, you can easily get your daily protein intake.

All of the above listed things are completely safe for all ages.

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