Prevent weight gain this Holiday Season!!!

Happy Holidays

This time of the year, it is very easy to gain back those pounds that you shed off in the whole year working your ass off. Yes, the holiday time is here!!! With all those drinks and food calling you, it is easy to lose track of health habits. For most of us, it is the family party or friends party, we do not want to miss on, as we might not see them until next year then. So how to stay healthy this holiday??

Check out few tips below:

  •  Drinks: These are the killers in these parties. Usually many of us would not have champagne or the eggnog regularly. You have 2 glasses of these and you might not know when did you have the third one. So here’s the idea: Have an alternate glass of seltzer / sparkling water after each drink. That way, you will slow down your pace of drinking and save on those extra calories.
  • Make socializing your goal: Do not make eating or drinking as your goal. Go to these parties with the intention of meeting people and knowing them more rather than going in with the intention of eating / drinking.
  • Keep yourself full on the day of the party since morning. Do not starve yourself. Many people avoid eating since morning as they have to go to the party and they end up binging on fatty food in the party and drinking and overloading themselves with the calories. Also, drinking on an empty stomach can make you go high within a few drinks before you know.
  • Plan on your food and drinks beforehand and spread out your food and drinks through the evening.
  • Remember, slow eating and drinking will save you from loads of calories which you are otherwise going to consume.
  • Workout at least an hour in the day during your holidays. It can be anything you enjoy like playing any sport which involves movement, swimming, gym, running, walking etc.
  • Buy yourself and/or your family a healthy gift: Many health centres have discounts for the holidays. Try a new class or a new health center which otherwise, you might not try.
  • Get on the dance floor: Dancing is a very good way of losing calories and you won’t be able to eat or drink much when you are moving. So, get on the floor baby!!!

Ever thought about celebrities. They have to attend many parties, eat, drink, socialize and still keep their weight off. How do they manage to do that? Well, it is by following these small tips. So, if they can, why can’t you???

Think about it and make your holiday Guilt-Free!!!


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  1. Alpa says:

    Nice article Sweta.

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