Post Thanksgiving Health Tips


Thanksgiving is a big day for all of us here in the USA. It is the time to get together with the family. Around this time of the year, we all also become very lazy as its holiday season with the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. People tend to put on all the weight that they have lost during the year and more. Their workout and healthy eating habits take a backseat.

We all want to enjoy the Thanksgiving with our family with tons of food around, drinking and partying. Of course, you do not want to think about your eating on that day. So, enjoy the time with your family but the day after Thanksgiving is where most of us feel miserable after having had all that food, desserts etc that then we decide to skip over the food the other day. DO NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE. 

Do not make yourself feel miserable, instead try these few tips and you should be back on track in next few days:

1. Have more water. Try to hydrate yourself as much as you can.

2. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

3. Have lean meat and dairy products for your protein source. Remember, you want your body to keep up with that metabolism to burn calories and starving will lower down your metabolism.

4. Avoid restaurant food as they are loaded with fats and salt which will bloat you up further; instead home cooked food like vegetable broth, vegetable soup, salad with lean meat or sandwiches with vegetable and lean meat are some good options to have that day.

5. Workout the next 3-4 consecutive days.

These are some of the tips you can try after the Thanksgiving and you will feel fabulous once again within a few days. You won’t have to wait till the New Year for making new resolution. In the end, one small tip for the thanksgiving day: Play some music and get all your family members, your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins to dance on the floor. By doing this, you will burn calories and enjoy your time and your family members will definitely talk about this to their friends and colleagues, about how much fun they had on that day and also it is a very good way to get closer to your family.

Wishing you all a Fabulous Thanksgiving!!!


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