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Post Thanksgiving Health Tips


Thanksgiving is a big day for all of us here in the USA. It is the time to get together with the family. Around this time of the year, we all also become very lazy as itsholiday season withthe Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. People tend to put on all the weight that they have lost during the year and more. Their workout and healthy eating habits take a backseat.

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Relief from Neck Pain

Neck Pain
This is the second article in the series of various body pain articles I will be writing. My previous article was on lowerback pain which you can read by going to

So lets go ahead and understand the common reasons for neck pain and what you can do to prevent it.

Relief from Lower Back Pain


Intoday’s stressful lifestyle, lot of people suffer from lower back pain. Most of the times, this lower back pain is the reason for limited activity inones day-to-day life.

There are many reasons for lower back pain, most common ones being:

  • Muscular pain: any strain or sprain while lifting heavy weight objects.
  • Sitting / lying downfor long time in bad posture.
  • Pain due to pressure on the back caused by gas accumulation in stomach.
  • Long gaps between your eating.
  • The bigger your belly, the weaker your back would be.

Of course, there are medical conditions as well but the5 reasons mentioned above are the most common ones.

So what can you do to ease the back pain? Keep reading……

Are you Breathing Right?

Breathing is an integral part of our life. But have you ever paused for a moment and thought about it? How are you breathing? Is it right? Here is what you should know about your breathing.

When you breathe in, your abdomen should bulge out completely. When you do this, you are actually letting the diaphragm go down as much as it can, thereby, giving more room for the lungs to expand by filling with air.

Gym workout tips

gym workout tips

Being a personal trainer and a yoga teacher, I have trained or consulted many people. Quite often you must have heard people complaining I am going to gym since so many years but I am not losing any weight. In my years of experience, I have observed that there are different reasons why people dont see the results they want to.

1.Dont underestimate yourself.

Chose the weight with which you can do only 10 – 12 reps, you should not be able to do the 13th rep. If you are easily doing more than 12 reps, it is time for you to increase that weight by a few pounds. The 11th rep or 12th rep that you finish should be finished with such intensity that if you are asked to do the next rep, you wont be able to do it.

2.Do it slow.

Instead of doing 2-3 sets on each machine, do only one set but that one set should bedone at that weight that you can do only 10 -12 reps. (I learnt this while working as a personal trainer and nutritionist at Personal Training Institute well known as PTI in New York. I struggled with my weight for 5 years but nothing helped me as much as this concept of PTI, where I learnt to work-out in a right way and push myself to my extreme, and this got me amazing results. Thanks to PTI)

Increase stamina while working under stress


Most of us are living a stressful life, full of pressures at work, homeor schoolin some form or the other. You are either racing to meet up work/school deadlines or to meet your family demands. Its all taking a toll over you either physically or mentally or both.

What is stress?

Stress is your bodys way of responding to any kind of demand by releasing chemicals into your blood, which gives more energy and strength. If stress gives you extra energy and strength then how can it be harmful to your body? Come let’s see….

How to lose baby weight?


Motherhood is a complete new phase in womens life. In this phase, you not only get an added responsibility of your kid but also the additional weight and then you find yourself often wandering off to your past days, when you were leaner than your current size. When you look at yourself in the mirror after the delivery, you realize that Oh My God! I have put on so much and you start thinking that how can I shed off this weight quickly? Mothers, who are lactating, see an extra 500 calories burn off per day. Thats a plusMommies!!! But at some point, you will reach the stage, where you hit the plateau and say, why am I not losing any more weight? Want to get rid of those extra pounds after pregnancy? Keep reading.

Can Yoga Harm You?

Usually when we think about yoga, we think about its benefits. Ever thought, that yoga could harm you? Yes, Yoga can harm you; when it is not performed in a correct manner or when you have some physical condition which is a contraindication for a particular asana (posture).

Systemic breathing is very important while performing yoga, at the same time, stability of mind, quietness of the place where you are practicing yoga carries equal importance. Many ailments can be prevented, intensity of suffering can be reduced and mental peace can be achieved by practicing yoga. But you may encountercertain risks while performing yoga.

Is it really important to exercise everyday?


How often have you heard It is very important to exercise everyday and how many of you are really able to give that one hour to exercise daily? How many times have you heard people say that I dont feel like exercising at all today. We often hear or experience the enthusiasm for the exercise go down after a few days of continuous exercise. Why does this happen? It is because most of us are following the same routine of our exercise for a long time and therefore we get bored of it. Ever thought of getting a change in your workout? Dont feel like going to the gym today.thats ok..Put on your sneakers, get your ipod and go for a walk / jog, take a dance class, take a yoga class.or just put on the music in your house and start tapping. Yes, workout need not always be in the gym or at a specified place or time. You can pick up the activity of your choice and enjoy doing it. Remember the main motto is to keep your body moving for 45 60 minutes.

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