Greek Yogurt and Plain Yogurt, which is better?

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In continuation to my last article, this article focuses on the difference between plain yogurt and greek yogurt. Seeing such a boom about greek yogurt…have you ever had a question to yourself …“what is really the difference between greek yogurt and plain yogurt? Which one is better for me?” Well, then don’t worry, you are not alone….Being a nutritionist, I am very often asked this question “What is better? Plain yogurt or Greek yogurt?” In US greek yogurt is also preferred as it can replace sour cream in recipes.

At first, let’s see what is the difference between plain yogurt and greek yogurt?

The main difference between regular and greek yogurt is that regular yogurt is strained once or twice or not strained at all (depending on the company that makes it) while greek yogurt is strained thrice giving it more thicker and creamier consistency. The straining process makes it more concentrated source of protein and more costly as more milk is required to make the same amount of greek yogurt as compared to regular yogurt.

Below are the differences between the two yogurts:

Carbohydrates: Less in greek yogurt as compared to regular yogurt. So people suffering from diabetes prefer greek yogurt due to less carbs content.

Proteins: Almost twice in greek yogurt as compared to regular yogurt. So for vegetarians who have less protein intake in their meals, it is a good source of protein. At the same time, people looking to lose weight prefer greek yogurt over regular as it keeps them fuller. But if you are having enough proteins throughout the day with your meals, then considering regular yogurt will be a better option.

Calcium: Here, Greek yogurt loses the battle with regular yogurt as regular yogurt has more calcium thereby helping you with the bone health.

Sodium: Is almost half in greek yogurt as compared to regular yogurt (varies according to the brands). So people suffering from hypertension can prefer greek yogurt over regular yogurt.

Cost: Greek yogurt costs more compared to regular yogurt as the making of greek yogurt requires more milk to give it desired thickness and consistency.

We all eat yogurt for different reasons. Whatever the differences are, yogurt still remains a healthier snack option and also comes in the category of heathier food. So, choose your yogurt depending on your goal and your health. BE SMART in making your choice.

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Are you eating the right yogurt?

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We all know how good yogurt is for our health. You come across so many different brands and varieties of yogurt in the market, making you confused which one to buy. This article will highlight on a few things you should look for while shopping for yogurt. But before I get into it, lets have a basic understanding about yogurt.

What is yogurt? How is it made?

Yogurt is the product of fermented milk which is done by mainly Lactobacillus bulgarius and Streptococcus thermophilus. Other different strains of bacilli are added by different companies. The yogurt gets its texture and tangy taste by the production of lactic acid due to fermentation of milk which is done by the bacilli.

Benefits of yogurt: All of these benefits have been backed up by research

rich source of calcium and protein

vitamin B12 (great for vegetarians as vitamin B12 is present only in animal food sources)

may help boost immunity

lowers the blood pressure, cholesterol

improves intestinal health after intestinal infection

makes you feel fuller.

Low-fat / Non-fat yogurt Vs Regular yogurt

Certain studies have shown that when the process is done on milk or yogurt to make it low-fat / non-fat, certain important bacilli are lost. Therefore it is better to have regular yogurt rather than low – fat / non-fat yogurt. Yes, I know what you are thinking here!!! You are right. Eating regular yogurt will give you more fat as compared to low-fat / non-fat yogurt but what is the benefit of eating something if you cannot get the whole benefit of it? Instead you can cut down on your junk foods or breads, pizzas, cheese etc. If you have high cholesterol, high triglycerides, then chose low-fat or non-fat yogurt.

Flavored yogurt Vs�Plain yogurt

Most of us like flavored yogurt comapared to plain yogurt. After all, its the sugar content in it that makes it more edible. But have you ever compared the grams of sugar on the label of a flavored yogurt and plain yogurt? The sugar content in flavored yogurt is more than twice as compared to that in plain yogurt. We usually eat flavored yogurt thinking that we are eating healthy, but instead we are taking a lot of calories in the form of sugar which might be minimizing the benefits of eating yogurt. Sugar added to the yogurt can kill many bacteria present in the yogurt and so we might not be getting much benefit of eating that yogurt. Also if you check the ingredient list of flavored yogurts, you will find the following ingredients added to it (from which you should stay away): High fructose corn syrup, asparatme, fructose syrup, gelatin, red 40, blue 1.

Instead, take a cup of plain yogurt, add fresh fruit pieces to it for taste. If you want some sweetness, you can add stevia or natural sugar to it. Even adding some granola to it is a good idea. Bear Naked Fit Granola is my favorite. Whats yours?

Enjoy your yogurt as a snack anytime of the day.

My next article will emphasize on the difference between plain yogurt and greek yogurt, SO STAY TUNED!!

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Which tea is better? black or green

green or black tea

The awareness of tea is growing on a huge extent and I am asked about it number of times, so thought of writing an article about it so that even my readers can get some information. Tea contains flavonoids which have antioxidant properties and help prevent from free radical damage which is the cause for many chronic diseases. Benefits of drinking tea are numerous. Lowering blood pressure levels, prevention from certain cancers and many more.

It has been observed that people drink sweetened tea more as compared to unsweetened tea which makes me understand that even though people are getting the benefits of drinking tea they are also getting loads of calories from sweetened tea which in one way nullifies the effect of drinking tea. :(

Benefits of drinking green tea:

Green tea stands out for its effect on lowering cholesterol, prevent rheumatoid arthritis, prevent cancer, boost immune system, makes skin better and more. Research on green tea has shown an improvement in people suffering from intestinal inflammation as well.

Benefits of drinking black tea:

Black tea prevents oxidation of LDL (bad cholesterol) thereby preventing the damage to blood vessels and lowering the risk of heart disease; prevent cancer, improves skin, increase energy, improves immune system and more. Tannins in black tea help reduce the intestinal activity thereby creating an antidiarrhoeal effect.

Which tea is better? Black or Green?

Both are good. Tea is made from the leaves and leaf buds of the plant named Camellia Sinensis. The difference between tea is in the process they undergo after the leaves are plucked from the trees. Black tea undergoes more oxidation than green tea. Therefore, researchers were opining that green tea is better as it has EGCG which is lost in oxidation process for black tea. Researchers have therefore assumed that drinking black tea has fewer benefits as compared to green tea.

But recent research shows that the compound EGCG is converted to other compounds in black tea during the process of oxidation and black tea contains theaflavins and thearubigens which help to lower bad cholesterol thereby reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Thus, both teas provide health benefits. Now lets look if there is any difference is in their caffeine content. Caffeine in black tea is double or more than that in green tea due to the fermentation process that black tea undergoes during its preparation. Higher the fermentation, higher is the caffeine content.

So, if you are looking for an alternative to cut your caffeine, green tea is better but from the standpoint of health benefits both are equal. If you enjoy both black and green tea, keep alternating and let your body get the benefits from both.

Does green tea help in burning belly fat?

Certain researches have shown that green tea helps to reduce belly fat in people who work out regularly. I would not suggest to solely rely on it for your belly fat loss. If you do not workout and expect belly fat loss by drinking green tea, it is highly impossible.


Both black and green tea have their own benefits. If you are looking to reduce your caffeine intake, then green tea is a good alternative (not as best as leaving caffeine completely). There are also different flavors and decaf teas available in the market, you just need to make a choice. Confused? Leave it to your taste buds to decide and go by what makes you feel better.

How much tea should you drink?

Moderation is the key to everything. Having 2-3 cups of tea in a day is okay but mind you, I am not talking about adding any sugar or milk to the tea here.

Making healthier choices is in your hand. You just have to unwire that brain and wire it in a different way, the way you want it. :)

Healthy Muffin / Brownie

vitatop 2

If you are a chocolate loveryou must have come acrossdays whenyoucrave chocolatebrownies and muffins. Have you ever tried Vitalicious muffins or brownies? IT’S DELICIOUS!!!They have other flavors for muffins and brownies too and are equally delicious!! It’s the best snack if you are somebody who craves sweet. It has only 100 calories with 4gprotein, 9gfiber, 11gsugar,6% sodiumand completely satisfies your sweet tooth.

The main ingredients used areWhole Wheat Flour, Organic sugar, Egg Whites.

vitatop 1






















You will find this in the frozen sections of most of the grocery stores / supermarketsincludingTarget, King Kullen, KeyFood, Trader Joe’s and more.

To see other healthy optionsvisit their website


Looking for Quick Workout Option? Try This!!!


We all come across days when we do not have much time for a workout….At such times, you can try these exercisesand finish your workout in as little as 20-25 minutes….I have found these exercises to be really effective for myself and my clients, when looking towork out in a short span of time. Therefore, I am sharing these with you today.

Here are a few exercises that you should do to get a complete body workout!!!

Healthy snack options

NYC food festival

I had been to the NYC vegetarian food festival on 2nd and 3rd March 2013. It was an amazing experience. All the food there was vegan or vegetarian. Most of the products were certified gluten-free.There were a few snacks that I found helpful and they really tasted good. Most of them are available at Stop n Shop, Shoprite, Pathmark, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods.

Benefits of working out with a Personal Trainer

personal trainer

When one thinks of Personal Trainer, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is “I know how to exercise, so I don’t need a personal trainer” or “I have been exercising for such a long time, then why would I need a personal trainer”. But I have heard from many clients that “I have been going to thegymfor many years but don’t see any results”.I am sharing with you my own experiencetoday. Earlier, I used to work out by myself; I lost a little weight and then I would not lose much (reaching plateau), getting frustrated, I would stop going to the gym,and then after a few days start trying again.

How to make your fitness resolution effective.

More than a week now after the new year, I am sure you must have already made your resolution. Did you think about how effective is your resolution? Usually, most people’s resolution involves getting fit, eating healthy etc. But don’t you think these are very general resolutions? I mean there are many ways to get fit and you have to know what works for you. When you say eating healthy, it can mean cutting down or depriving yourself completelyof junk / fast food and incorporating healthy foods. But unless you specify your resolution, you won’t see much difference.

New Year Resolution Tips

happy new year

With the Christmas gone and the New Year arriving, I am sure most of you are busy planning for new year’s eve and some of you might already be away to celebrate for the New year’s long weekend with your friends / family. So what’s the plan after the new year? For some of you it might sound like “What, that’s a stupid question. Let me finish with the new year first then on 1st of January or after that, I will start thinking about what I want to do/achieve in this new year”.

Prevent weight gain this Holiday Season!!!

Happy Holidays

This time of the year, it is very easy to gain back those pounds that you shed off in the whole year working your ass off. Yes, the holiday time is here!!! With all those drinks and food calling you, it is easy to lose track of health habits. Formost of us, it is the family partyor friends party,we do not want to miss on, as we might not see them until next year then. So how to stay healthy this holiday??

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