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With the Christmas gone and the New Year arriving, I am sure most of you are busy planning for new year’s eve and some of you might already be away to celebrate for the New year’s long weekend with your friends / family. So what’s the plan after the new year? For some of you it might sound like “What, that’s a stupid question. Let me finish with the new year first then on 1st of January or after that, I will start thinking about what I want to do/achieve in this new year”.

If you are thinking in that way, then let me tell you that you might want to think again. If you really want to make the coming year as the best year for you then you have to preplan on what you will be doing in the coming year or what your goals will be for the coming year. Take the time out today and pen down the list of things you wanna do this year. Yes, am asking you to give yourself just that 1/2 – 1 hour for thinking on what you wanna do in the coming year.

Here is a list of few resolutions you might want to select from for your list of goals for the new year:

  • Fitness. Make sure you know what you want to achieve in this new year as your fitness goals. Everybody looks on to being fit, so when you are making your fitness goal be specific on what you want to do. Say, if you are looking to lose weight, know how much you want to lose. Be realistic. Losing weight should also involve looking at your body fat level, muscle mass, hydration level etc. Go and get a good weighing scale which gives all this (if your gym doesn’t have one). Tanita is the best scale for this.
  • Add an extra challenge to your fitness goal by deciding to take a fitness class or a different physical activity class. Sit and think what you liked to do as a kid, which sport you liked to play and go and join that sport again. Playing the sport of your choice even one day on a weekend is a great stress reliever. Plan to take a 5K marathon this summer. You might want to start training early this year if you plan to participate in the 5K marathon.
  • Nutrition. Remember, only exercise would not help you reach your goal, do combine nutrition. Learn to eat right the coming year. I am not asking you to cut down completely on your sweet tooth, pastries, chocolates, ice creams etc. but definitely reduce them in frequency. If you have an ice-cream everyday after dinner, try reducing it to 3 times/week. Having a vitatop after dinner would be a good idea to satisfy your sweet craving, as it is only 100 calories and the main thing, it is really good in taste.
  • Maintain a food journal for yourself. Initially, you might feel the food journals are little more time-consuming, but as you get used to them, within few days they become easy to use and the things are just a click away. Many of my clients have tried myfitnesspal for keeping an online food journal and they found it relatively easy. To check it out click here. Try to get an app for your phone for food journal. That way, you can always enter what you are eating right at the same time and you don’t have to wait till you get to your computer, for doing the same thing.
  • Try to increase your hydration level. Of course, the juices, decaffeinated teas / coffees, milk all are included in the category of liquids. You can count them all, when you are checking on your hydration levels.
  • Visit your doctor once a year for full – body check up after the age of 40 for female, and 50 for male.

Add these to your list of resolution for a healthy new year. Wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

                                                                                   Have a Great Year Ahead!!!







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