Myths of Dieting


We often hear people doing some or the other kind of diet and trying to lose or maintain weight.

Many times while dieting we tend to completely eliminate a particular food group which has many health hazards. For example, if we eliminate carbohydrates completely which are the main source of energy for our body, then our body starts using proteins for giving us energy and in the meanwhile repairing our tisues, fighting infections, growth and development which are the main functions of proteins are compromised and ultimately we suffer from some or the other infection may be as minute as common cold.

Dieting for many of us also means abondoning sweets, ice creams, chocolates etc and try to control ourselves when we see them. By doing this, we play a huge risk; if you are crazy for the above things and you stop yourself from them, you might be successful in doing so for one or two times but the third time you see them you are bound to jump onto them and eat almost double or triple of them, and you feel like all your effort went in vain and you get depressed. If you are the one among those who do not like the above things at all then you are in a safe zone even by stopping them.

So rather than completely abondoning a particular food group, you can work on reducing the amount of that food. Remember “balanced diet” is most important. When you eat a balanced diet no food group is left out in your diet and at the same time you can prevent yourself from overeating certain foods.

Every person’s body works differently (law of individualism). Therefore, if one thing works for one person, it  does not mean it will work for all and give the same result. Remember “all five fingers are not equal” and thus no two bodies are same in action, therefore diets have to be individualised. They cannot be universal. Study your body before you cling to any diet blindly and always remember “individualised balanced diets are the best diets”.

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