My Journey

My journey to the World of Fitness began about 7 years back but just being a personal trainer I had no result for first 2 years. I am a food lover so sticking to any kind of diet for me was a nightmare. At first, I tried a couple of diets, I lost weight with them but couldn’t stick with them for a long while and as soon as I would discontinue them within a few days I would see myself blowing up again. I was getting frustrated seeing all the people around me eating what they would like. I would envy them so I decided to study nutrition and apply it to see if it would help me. I selected Weight Loss and Sports Nutrition as my major. Whatever I learnt I tried to apply on myself and as I had medical background understanding nutrition was comparatively easier for me. I adapted the idea of small steps and to my surprise it worked well for me. It was only after I combined my knowledge of nutrition with fitness that is when I started seeing the results. Now, I keep the weight off even if I stop exercising. The small step changes in my diet that I made would not stop me from eating anything but would guide me about what I should put into my mouth and at what time of the day.Now I could eat normally like other people without the fear of putting on weight.
In my weight loss journey, I understood one thing which was losing weight slowly and gradually is a good way to lose and maintain weight loss over a longer period of time. The faster you try to lose the miserable would your journey be over a period of time even though it would give you good results in the start. Experience is your best just have to know how to learn from it.
I recently added yoga to my workout and I am experiencing tremendous benefits from it. As I go deeper and deeper into it, I am seeing how yoga can physically and mentally heal you. It can also be another way of losing weight.

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