About Me


I am a Registered Dietitian. My journey to the World of Fitness began in 2007 and so did my weight loss journey. Being a food lover, made it more difficult for me to lose weight. I tried a couple of diets, would lose weight with them but couldn’t stick with them for long time. As soon as I went back to my regular eating, within a few days, I would see myself blowing up again. It was frustrating. During my study of nutrition, I learnt about balanced eating. I adapted the idea of small steps (one or two changes at a time) and it worked well for me. Combining my knowledge of nutrition with fitness, I started seeing the results.
Losing weight slowly and gradually is a good way to maintain weight loss over a longer period of time. The faster you try to lose weight, more severe health consequences can occur. It is all about portion control, balanced eating and physical activity. Physical activity does not have to be limited to gym, it can be any other activity that you enjoy, important part is it keeps your heart rate up for that duration and burns calories.
I recently added yoga to my workout and I am experiencing tremendous benefits from it. As I go deeper and deeper into it, I am seeing how yoga can physically and mentally heal you. It can also be another way of losing weight.

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