Importance of Yoga


Yoga comes from a Greek word ‘yuj’ meaning ‘to join’. In the ancient days, yoga was limited to spirituality; but over the time yoga has been related to many things apart from spirituality. Today, yoga is used as a medium to lose weight, to cure health problems and as a prophylactic measure to maintain good health as well. Why is the trend for Yoga increasing so much these days? Yoga basically helps in purification of blood by availability of increased oxygen. Pranayama, systemic way of breathing and performing asana, all of these increase the oxygen capacity of your lungs, purify your blood, improve resistance power of your body, give you mental peace and calmness; the production of heat and sweat in your body while the practice of yoga helps to remove the toxins from your body.

The asana also build strength and stamina in your body. When your blood gets purified and more oxygen is used by your body many of the illnesses are cured; as lack of usage of complete lung / all the alveoli is the base of many diseases. Complete usage of all the alveoli in your lung helps the heart to pump more pure blood leading to better blood supply to each part and organ of your body. This is one reason why you start losing weight on regular practice of yoga. As whole of your body starts working efficiently more energy is required which helps to cut down the excess fat in your body and burn it to give you more energy…. and you feel fresh the whole day and more energetic due to the release of the endorphins (feel good hormones). No wonder yoga is being accepted on such a large scale across the globe as apart from physical benefits people are experiencing the psychological benefits as well.

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