How to make your fitness resolution effective.

More than a week now after the new year, I am sure you must have already made your resolution. Did you think about how effective is your resolution? Usually, most people’s resolution involves getting fit, eating healthy etc. But don’t you think these are very general resolutions? I mean there are many ways to get fit and you have to know what works for you. When you say eating healthy, it can mean cutting down or depriving yourself completely of junk / fast food and incorporating healthy foods. But unless you specify your resolution, you won’t see much difference.

While making your resolutions, you have to be detailed and specific, as that would help you to not only stick with your resolution for the long run but will also help you to achieve your goal faster. So, how can you make your resolution detailed? Read below to see how….

Fitness: Plan out how many days in the week are you going to workout. When you say workout, describe what you are going to do. It can be anything like cardio, strength training, swimming, walking, dancing, yoga etc. Remember, to plan the time for which you are going to do it beforehand. Like, walk for 20 – 30 minutes / run on the treadmill for 15 min etc. If you have never exercised before then plan to start slow. Start with just 10 minutes / day. Slowly work your way up in increasing time and pace. Planning your activity with your spouse / friend will help as it will minimize your chance to postpone your activity.

Nutrition: The usual resolution of people is to eat healthy. But what do you mean by eating healthy? Most of them decide to cut down on chocolates, pastries, junk food etc. But have you ever thought that adding a healthy habit is easier than cutting down on a habit that has been with you since many years. So decide to work on a goal for 1-2 weeks. For example, have 8 glasses of water daily for next 2 weeks / have only one small ice cream this week. Start by developing healthy habits and you will see cutting down on your old habit will become much more easier.

Dinning out: Many people find it difficult to eat healthy when they are dining out. But when you work your way consciously on it, you will find it’s not that hard. A few ways to do it are:

Plan ahead where you are going to dine and search for their online menu and plan a healthy option for you before you get there.

Eat a fruit before you leave to go there so that you are partially full when you get there and are not craving for food.

Share your meal with friends / family or tell the waiter to pack half of your food to go, even before they bring it on the table for you, so that you will eat less when you see less.

Start with soup / salad so that you don’t have much space for the main course (be careful, you have to be really mindful of what you are eating as this technique does not work for all).

Maintain a food journal: This is a very good way of staying on track. I have mentioned in detail about this in my last post “New Year Resolution Tips” Check it out. If you missed on the last article, click on this link In a recent research, it was shown that people who maintain a food journal have 80% more chance of staying on track and achieving their goals compared to people who do not maintain a food journal.

Try to make your resolution effective by penning down all the details. Make 2013, the year where you reach your goals!!!

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  1. Prachi Shah says:

    Really good article. simple n effective methods mentioned which would be easy to follow. will surely give it a try and follow some tips to make a healthy 2013…

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