Healthy Muffin / Brownie

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If you are a chocolate lover you must have come across days when you crave chocolate brownies and muffins. Have you ever tried Vitalicious muffins or brownies? IT’S DELICIOUS!!! They have other flavors for muffins and brownies too and are equally delicious!! It’s the best snack if you are somebody who craves sweet. It has only 100 calories with 4g protein, 9g fiber, 11g sugar, 6% sodium and completely satisfies your sweet tooth.  

The main ingredients used are Whole Wheat Flour, Organic sugar, Egg Whites.

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You will find this in the frozen sections of most of the grocery stores / supermarkets including Target, King Kullen, KeyFood, Trader Joe’s and more.

To see other healthy options visit their website


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