Greek Yogurt and Plain Yogurt, which is better?

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In continuation to my last article, this article focuses on the difference between plain yogurt and greek yogurt. Seeing such a boom about greek yogurt…have you ever had a question to yourself …“what is really the difference between greek yogurt and plain yogurt? Which one is better for me?” Well, then don’t worry, you are not alone….Being a nutritionist, I am very often asked this question “What is better? Plain yogurt or Greek yogurt?” In US greek yogurt is also preferred as it can replace sour cream in recipes.

At first, let’s see what is the difference between plain yogurt and greek yogurt?

The main difference between regular and greek yogurt is that regular yogurt is strained once or twice or not strained at all (depending on the company that makes it) while greek yogurt is strained thrice giving it more thicker and creamier consistency. The straining process makes it more concentrated source of protein and more costly as more milk is required to make the same amount of greek yogurt as compared to regular yogurt.

Below are the differences between the two yogurts:

Carbohydrates: Less in greek yogurt as compared to regular yogurt. So people suffering from diabetes prefer greek yogurt due to less carbs content.

Proteins: Almost twice in greek yogurt as compared to regular yogurt. So for vegetarians who have less protein intake in their meals, it is a good source of protein. At the same time, people looking to lose weight prefer greek yogurt over regular as it keeps them fuller. But if you are having enough proteins throughout the day with your meals, then considering regular yogurt will be a better option.

Calcium: Here, Greek yogurt loses the battle with regular yogurt as regular yogurt has more calcium thereby helping you with the bone health.

Sodium: Is almost half in greek yogurt as compared to regular yogurt (varies according to the brands). So people suffering from hypertension can prefer greek yogurt over regular yogurt.

Cost: Greek yogurt costs more compared to regular yogurt as the making of greek yogurt requires more milk to give it desired thickness and consistency.

We all eat yogurt for different reasons. Whatever the differences are, yogurt still remains a healthier snack option and also comes in the category of heathier food. So, choose your yogurt depending on your goal and your health. BE SMART in making your choice.

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2 Responses to “Greek Yogurt and Plain Yogurt, which is better?”

  1. Sweta Shah says:

    Yes definitely flavored yogurt is good in taste!!

  2. Palak Shah says:

    wow that was certainly helpful…vanilla flavored greek yogurt is also better in taste.. :)

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