Is it really important to exercise everyday?


How often have you heard “It is very important to exercise everyday” and how many of you are really able to give that one hour to exercise daily? How many times have you heard people say that “I don’t feel like exercising at all today”. We often hear or experience the enthusiasm for the exercise go down after a few days of continuous exercise. Why does this happen? It is because most of us are following the same routine of our exercise for a long time and therefore we get bored of it. Ever thought of getting a change in your workout? Don’t feel like going to the gym today….that’s ok…..Put on your sneakers, get your ipod and go for a walk / jog, take a dance class, take a yoga class….or just put on the music in your house and start tapping…. Yes, workout need not always be in the gym or at a specified place or time. You can pick up the activity of your choice and enjoy doing it. Remember the main motto is to keep your body moving for 45 – 60 minutes.

Try this and you will see yourself returning to the gym with a new zeal of workout. All of you probably know about this but let me point out to you once again the benefits of exercise:

1) Keeps your heart healthy.

2) The sweat generated by your body removes the toxins from your body.

3) Keeps your metabolism high.

4) You will feel and look younger than your age.

5) Helps in maintenance of muscles in your body and keeps you lean.

6) Prevention from certain diseases or delay in the onset of the same.

7) Reduction in the intensity of suffering at menopause.

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11 Responses to “Is it really important to exercise everyday?”

  1. Brunilda Moscrip says:

    Good job!

  2. Kashmira says:

    Hi Sweta..hoe ur jorney was good..
    ok now i really need ur help..
    !.Plz tell me the breathing technique for suryanamaskars…
    2.I have a month in hand & i really want to lose some weight(6kgs) n also some inch loss(4″-5″) plz suggest me a proper diet so that i can start working on it soon..

    & a very contradictory thing nw…

    I wanna increase my husband’s weight…so tell me a diet for him also…
    His schedule is as in he leaves @ morning 10 for off..thn by 2.30 or 3 he is home for lunch within 45 min he leaves again for off is back at home at 10…

    Our diet is-
    Morning around 9-9.30 we have breakfast of sometimes poha,bread or may be parathas..
    Thn afternoon we have one green vegetable ka sabji,3-4 chapatis,dal & rice..(i usually d ont take dal..)
    Evening around 7 we have some biscuits/bhel/fruits kind of things…or sometimes we dnt have…
    n thn in night at 10 or 10.30 we have our dinner which consists sometimes chapati/parathas/sandwichws/bhel/khichdi or some snack kind of things…

    Plz suggest us u r comments at the earliest

    • Sweta Shah says:

      Hi Kashmira,

      Yes my journey was very good…..thanks. In this response, I am answering the queries related to you. I will answer the queries related to your husband’s diet in the next response in a day or two.

      In Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutations), there are 12 steps in all, of which first four and last four are the same.
      Now, regarding the breathing technique for Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutations) is as follows:
      You have to alternately breathe in and out, except for the fifth step where you have to hold your breath, if possible.

      Step I – breathe out
      Step II – breathe in
      Step III – breathe out
      Step IV – breathe in
      Step V – hold your breathe
      Step VI – breathe out
      Step VII – breathe in
      Step VIII – breathe out
      Step IX – breathe in
      Step X – breathe out
      Step XI – breathe in
      Step XII – breathe out

      Remember, the more slowly you do the Sun Salutations with proper focus on breathing, the more benefits it will have, in terms of health and weight.

      In my post “How to lose baby weight?” I have mentioned some yoga postures and also added videos for the same. You can do all of them but the 1st one (Tiryaka Bhujangasana) is the most beneficial for you as it would work on reducing the fat around your abdomen (which is a female prone area for fat).

      I would like to give you one suggestion regarding weight loss: Rather than focusing on your weight, focus on your inch loss. Weight is a combination of body fat, muscle mass and hydration levels. If you lose muscle mass, it has adverse effect on your body and the loss is replaced by your body fat, which is not a very good idea. Rather than that, if you lose inches, you are sure that you are losing body fat and not the muscles. Therefore, it is very important to know what exactly you are losing and so a safer way would be to lose body fat rather than muscles.

      In regards to your diet, I don’t see much protein intake and also the gap between your meals is long.

      Try to eat every 2-3 hours (3 main meals and 2-3 snacks) in a day. That will help to increase your metabolism. When you start doing it, within a few days, you will notice that you eat more often but the quantity would be less than what you would otherwise eat.

      Here are a few suggestions for your diet:
      • Add one cup of milk to your breakfast. You can cut the portion size of the other things that you take in the morning.
      • Between 11.30 – 12.30, have a handful of mixed nuts except cashew nuts.
      • Cut down one chapatti and have a bowl of dal with the meal; if you don’t like dal, you can have curd / paneer / any other source of protein like moong, chana etc as a salad or vegetable.
      • In between 5 – 6pm, have one fruit except banana, mango, pineapple, strawberry and grapes. If you are going to do any exercise at that point, then you can have any of the above mentioned fruits.
      • As for now, keep your dinner the same, just be careful to listen to your stomach, and do not fill it too much. Keep it a little empty, as there won’t be much gap between your dinner and your sleep time, so whatever extra you eat, is going to convert to fat and get stored in your body.


      • Sweta Shah says:


        Here is the response to your second question related to your husband’s weight gain.

        The gap between his meals is too much, eating every 3 hours would be the key to gaining weight. Try the following tips:

        Immediately after he wakes up, give him 1 glass of warm jaggery water.

        9-9.30 – your regular breakfast + a big cup of milk
        12-12.30 – 2 cubes of cheese
        2.30 – 3 – lunch (make sure he has at least one bowl of dal)
        6 – 6.30 – a fruit / 2 handfuls of mixed nuts
        10 – Dinner + a cup of milk before sleeping, if possible
        Make sure he’s all the way full in his meals.

        Also, any exercise for 20 – 30 minutes will also be helpful in increasing weight as they will help in building muscles.

  3. Chaitali says:

    Congrats on the blog! really good posts.
    Will like to see something on increasing stamina while working under stress.

  4. Rosie Santana says:

    Conrats on your blog,sweta!! What you say in this article is all true. Everything counts. The more you exercise the more it counts to your health!!

  5. Dr Sharad Shah says:

    Thanks for the great effort put to prepare the blog for benefit of the general people, as nowadays diseases like high blood pressure diabetes and overweight should be better prevented rather than treated and for that yoga, regular exersise and proper balaced diet is important.

  6. Darshak Shah says:

    Great article emphasizing the importance of exercise. I totally agree with the fact that the main aim is to keep the body moving for at least 45 min. I try to follow that in real life as wel by trying to take the stairs and avoid elevators, be it 2 floors or 8. Thanks for this enriching post. It was fun reading. Keep posting.

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