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Registration exam for Dietitians – Tips for preparation and passing


We all know how crucial it is to complete this last step of passing the RD exam in order to earn the credentials of Registered Dietitian. You all have worked hard and come a long way, this is the last stop before you reach your destination. I recently passed the exam and therefore, wrote this […]

Exercise can prevent falls in elderly!!

training elderly

Did you ever think exercise was only for young?? After coming across the benefits of exercise several times on internet, tv, magazines etc. , we all know how important it is to exercise!! But to add to it more, researchers are trying to prove how exercise can help at different ages. I came across this […]

How much sugar are you really eating?


We all have heard several times that sugar is bad for your health. Ever wondered, how and why is sugar bad for you? Sugar is simple carbohydrates which means it does not give you anything more than calories. But sugar is present naturally in the form of fructose in fruits, lactose in milk. Is that […]

Sprouted bean salad recipe

sprouted bean salad

Do you feel like having something warm and tangy in this winter?? Below is a quick & easy recipe for proteinaceous salad!!! Total prep time: 10 minutes!!! Ingredients: Sprouted beans (or sprouted mung beans) – 2 oz Broccoli slaw – 1 oz Baby spinach – 8-10 leaves Green peppers – 1/4 cup chopped Tomatoes – 1 […]

Save yourself from weight gain this Thanksgiving

thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving is just few days away from today. As we all are getting ready to spend this holiday with our families and friends, many of us might be scared about gaining weight; after all its the start of the holiday season. Research shows that most of the people gain weight around this time of the […]

Spinach Vs Lettuce

spinach vs lettuce

We all eat spinach and lettuce in our salads and sandwiches but how many times have you wandered on which one is good??? How many times have you been to the supermarket / grocery store and wandered which one should you pick – Spinach or Lettuce??? You must be thinking, of course, spinach is better, […]

Protein sources for Vegetarians

vegetarian protein sources

Protein comes only from meat is a myth. When you hear somebody being a vegetarian, isthis thefirst question that pops up in your head”How do you get your protein intake?” or “Do you get enough protein from your food?” I myself come across this question many times from my clients when they come to know […]

Are the protein shakes really good for you?


Ever wondered whether you should be drinking the protein shakes daily or not? If yes, which ones? There are so many of them in the market that one can easily get confused. People usually associate protein shakes with workouts. So, most of us have a doubt of whether we should have the protein shake on […]

How can alternate breathing help?

left nostril breathing

There are different benefits of breathing through each nostril. In the last article, we learnt about how the left nostril breathing helps and its benefits. You can click here to read my last article. In continuation to that article, in this article, I am going to mention the benefits of breathing from the right nostril. […]

How can alternate nostril breathing help?

left nostril breathing

We all know how important breathing is for our life. But did you ever hear that breathing from alternate nostrils can have more health benefits. Yes, you read it right!! In yoga, there are several breathing techniques that a person learns and each one benefits your body in a different way. Today, I am going […]

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