Benefits of working out with a Personal Trainer

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When one thinks of Personal Trainer, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is “I know how to exercise, so I don’t need a personal trainer” or “I have been exercising for such a long time, then why would I need a personal trainer”. But I have heard from many clients that “I have been going to the gym for many years but don’t see any results”. I am sharing with you my own experience today. Earlier, I used to work out by myself; I lost a little weight and then I would not lose much (reaching plateau), getting frustrated, I would stop going to the gym, and then after a few days start trying again.

This rise and fall of my weight went on for a good 3 years. When I started working out with a personal trainer that is when I really started to see the results. I saw how wrong my form was in doing certain exercises. I finally lost the weight that I had been struggling to lose.

The following are the benefits I saw while working out with a personal trainer:

1. When you work out with a personal trainer, you can push yourself a little more harder, than you think you actually can do. It is these last 3-4 reps with the trainer that are the most important for achieving your goals.

2. When we try to push ourselves too hard, we tend to lose the proper form and at times that can lead to injuries. So, a second plus of working with a personal trainer is preventing from injuries, as he would always be there to point out to you when you lose your form.

3. If you already have health issues, personal trainer can be your guide in what exercises to modify or prevent yourself from so that your condition improves rather than deteriorating.

4. Planning / designing your workout is very important. Remember, it is difficult to derail when you have a plan. I have seen this with many people, when they are in the gym, they want to do all the exercises and finish off. Due to this sometimes we see people getting stronger at one part of the body but staying weaker at the other part. For example, when you work out your chest but you don’t work out your lats (back muscles), over the time, you will see your back rounding up. While if you work with a personal trainer, they know from assessment which body part you are strong at and which you need to improve on and they will design your workout accordingly.

5. Lastly, do not hesitate to let your trainer know about any health problems however minor, before you start the exercise, so that he can design / modify your workout accordingly. For example, you have a shoulder pain after waking up from the sleep and you do lateral raise in your workout, it might worsen your pain; verses if you let the trainer know about it before starting your exercise, the trainer would be able to modify your workout schedule.

Of course, once you know the proper form of exercise and if you can workout  hard enough by yourself, then after sometime you can start working out on your own. But still from my own experience, I would say that working out with your personal trainer is the best thing you can do.

I am not just talking about the gym but any form of exercise you do, it is good to do it with a personal trainer as they can work as your motivator, form corrector, planner of your workout, modifier of your workout.

Ultimately it is you who has to decide whether you want to pay to the hospital when you get ill or rather you want to pay to your trainer who can prevent you from many health problems. Make a smart choice!!!


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