Are you Breathing Right?

Breathing is an integral part of our life. But have you ever paused for a moment and thought about it? How are you breathing? Is it right? Here is what you should know about your breathing.

When you breathe in, your abdomen should bulge out completely. When you do this, you are actually letting the diaphragm go down as much as it can, thereby, giving more room for the lungs to expand by filling with air.

When you breathe out, your stomach should be pulled in. When you do this, you are letting the diaphragm go up and all the carbon dioxide from your lungs out.

Most of you might already be breathing in this way, but some of you might be breathing in opposite way (in my experience of yoga and exercise teaching, I have come across a good number of people who breathe in the opposite way). Just check which way are you breathing.

When you expand your lungs to the fullest, the air reaches the bronchi (functional unit of lungs) and each bronchus (plural is bronchi) in the lung starts functioning better, letting more and more oxygen to enter into your body, thereby, increasing the oxygen content in the blood (blood becomes more pure). As you breathe out, each bronchus contracts and the carbon dioxide is thrown out from the body. This complete expansion and contraction of the bronchi, improves the functioning of the lung. When the lungs function better, the organs get more pure blood (more oxygenated blood), each organ becomes more efficient and starts working better, thereby, reducing the chances / intensity of various diseases.

So, breathe right if you want to stay healthy.

You can do this by daily trying to breathe consciously for a few minutes, you can also do it while watching TV, doing laundry, at work etc. With practice you will be able to make it your habit and donít get frustrated, if you canít do it right immediately, as the old habits are hard to break and changing this breathing habit will really take your efforts but look at the long term benefits of it.


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2 Responses to “Are you Breathing Right?”

  1. Sweta Shah says:

    Thanks Reshma,I hope you are practicing the right breathing technique.

  2. Reshma says:

    Hey Shweta

    Nice post… m gonna practice this for sure

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