Are the protein shakes really good for you?


Ever wondered whether you should be drinking the protein shakes daily or not? If yes, which ones? There are so many of them in the market that one can easily get confused. People usually associate protein shakes with workouts. So, most of us have a doubt of whether we should have the protein shake on the non-workout days. I often come across this question, “should I have the protein shake even on the days I don’t work out?”

Here is my answer to the above question. Watch your protein intake throughout the day. If you are having protein with all your meals, chances are, you might not need the protein shake on the non-workout days. But you will need it on the workout days , unless you are looking to have good amount of protein in your food within the next hour as your breakfast / lunch / dinner. Protein is needed after workout for the repair and recovery of the muscles you just worked out. The reason protein shake is suggested as a post-workout snack is, it is a complete protein, easily digested and absorbed and gives you all the essential amino acids that your body needs to repair those muscles that you just worked out. Also, it is convenient for people to have the protein shake within one hour after finishing their workout. That way, they dont have to worry about what they will eat after their workout as the protein source.

For an individual, whey protein is the best choice, unless you are an athlete or a body builder, Why? Again, it has the highest biological value of 1 meaning it is a complete protein, easily absorbed into the system and gives you all the essential amino acids that your body needs. An athlete or a body builder might need different protein powder apart from whey but for normal healthy individuals who are looking to maintain or lose weight, whey protein is the best choice.

For vegetarians & vegans, protein shakes are a very good way of getting in protein in their diet. There is a very good plant protein shake that I tried. The company is PlantFusion and it is easy to digest and does not give you bloating or other stomach problems that an individual would otherwise encounter with some protein shakes.

So, be wise in making your decision regarding the protein intake as anything excess is going to be stored as fat in your body.

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5 Responses to “Are the protein shakes really good for you?”

  1. hemali says:

    hi Sweta, very nice article. I would like to share one more thing. we have been using Nutrilite protein powder , its best combination of soy isoflavon and whey protein . its 10 gram of scoop will give you 8 gram of protein with 9 essential amino acids. Its best part is it has pdscore 1 ( protein digestibility score) which is an endorsement. by WHO. one more important thing is it doesn’t contain any artificial flavor or preservatives or sugar. its completely organic .
    I hope this will b useful to u all.

  2. Hemant Shah says:

    Thanks for publishing a very useful article!

    Are these shakes suitable for kids and teens too? I am looking at options for additional protein intake for my children.

    • Sweta Shah says:

      Kids & teens requirement varies depending on their ages. Kids between 4-8 years of age need approximately 19 grams of protein, children between 9-13 years need 34 grams, teen girls need 45-46 grams and teen boys need 52-56 grams of protein daily. Natural sources of protein are the best choice as they get additional benefit. For example, yogurt gives protein and calcium both versus protein powders only give protein. If their daily need is not met with natural sources then whey protein powder is the best & safe choice.

      My next article is on different natural sources of protein. Look forward to it. Let me know if you have any more questions!! Thanks

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