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Can Yoga Harm You?

Usually when we think about yoga, we think about its benefits. Ever thought, that yoga could harm you? Yes, Yoga can harm you; when it is not performed in a correct manner or when you have some physical condition which is a contraindication for a particular asana (posture). Systemic breathing is very important while performing […]

Is it really important to exercise everyday?


How often have you heard “It is very important to exercise everyday” and how many of you are really able to give that one hour to exercise daily? How many times have you heard people say that “I don’t feel like exercising at all today”. We often hear or experience the enthusiasm for the exercise […]

I don’t really eat much but still putting on weight

weight 2

How often do we hear that? In contrast, usually the people who are thin seem to be eating more in comparison to the overweight person. I often wonder, “why even though I don’t eat much but put on weight and that thin person is eating more in comparison to me and not putting on?” The answer to […]

Myths of Dieting


We often hear people doing some or the other kind of diet and trying to lose or maintain weight. Many times while dieting we tend to completely eliminate a particular food group which has many health hazards. For example, if we eliminate carbohydrates completely which are the main source of energy for our body, then […]

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