Registration exam for Dietitians – Tips for preparation and passing


We all know how crucial it is to complete this last step of passing the RD exam in order to earn the credentials of Registered Dietitian. You all have worked hard and come a long way, this is the last stop before you reach your destination. I recently passed the exam and therefore, wrote this post to help others with some guidance before they take the exam. Each individual is different and so is the way they think. Some of us might clear by referring to just one resource while many of us might have to use a few different resources. I had to use a bunch of resources to prepare for the exam. Below in the article, I have mentioned all the resources which were helpful to me for my preparation. I have also mentioned a few tips for before and on the day of the exam which were helpful to me. Remember, you can retake the exam after 45 days of your last attempt and several attempts are allowed.

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Exercise can prevent falls in elderly!!

training elderly

Did you ever think exercise was only for young?? After coming across the benefits of exercise several times on internet, tv, magazines etc. , we all know how important it is to exercise!! But to add to it more, researchers are trying to prove how exercise can help at different ages. I came across this article and thought of sharing it with you all.

This article talks about the research done to prove that exercise can reduce the risk of fall in elderly, thereby, reducing fall-related injuries. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 3 adults aged 65 or over suffer a fall each year. Click here to read the article. If exercise can prevent it, the awareness of exercise should be spread.

Thinking from logical point of view, it totally makes sense. As you age, your muscles start losing their elasticity and tone. When you exercise, you strengthen your muscles (we are talking about strength training here), tone them, improve your balance and that is what prevents falls and fall-related injuries. Therefore, I think every adult should exercise. Think about it as a preventive investment into yourself rather than paying and suffering from the damage later. Not to mention you get the extra benefits that exercise brings with it!! Enjoy your life wisely!!!

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How much sugar are you really eating?


We all have heard several times that sugar is bad for your health. Ever wondered, how and why is sugar bad for you? Sugar is simple carbohydrates which means it does not give you anything more than calories. But sugar is present naturally in the form of fructose in fruits, lactose in milk. Is that sugar bad?? Should we stop drinking milk and eating fruits?? No friends. That is natural sugar. Here we are talking about the artificial / added sugars. How much of the added sugar should you eat???

American Heart Association (AHA) recommends 6 teaspoons (24g) for women and 9 teaspoons (36g) for men. In today’s world, sugar is added in almost everything that we eat but the food companies mention them under different names. So, the smart way of reducing your intake would be to start reading nutrition labels and check the ingredient list. If anything reads more than 6-8 grams of sugar, try to stay away from it. Again, I am talking about the added sugars.

Check for the following words in the ingredient list:

Xylitol Sucrase Dextrin
Mannitol Agave Nectar Molasses
Sorbitol Cane juice crystals Saccharose
Corn Syrup Evaporated cane juice Sorghum
High fructose corn syrup Dextrose Sorghum syrup
Xylose Rice Syrup Cane sugar

I know what you are thinking. How would I remember so many names? Here’s the trick that can help you to some extent. Any word ending in -ose or -ol is usually a sugar. Secondly, check if the ingredient list has the word syrup after anything, then its sugar. When you are reading the ingredient list and if the sugar is mentioned within first 5 ingredients then its probably not good for you. Why?? Because food companies are supposed to list the ingredients in the order of the portion size that is used while making the product meaning the first ingredient on the list is the majority of what the food is made of and so on.

While I was researching myself for this article, I started focusing on my own sugar consumption. I was shocked!! I was shocked to see how much sugar I was eating without even noticing. It was difficult for me too to cut back on sugar as most of the things we eat have added sugars in them and therefore, one can easily overdo their daily intake. One example of this was the flavored yogurt. One cup of 6-8 oz of a flavored yogurt can contain as high as 26g of sugar. So, having that one cup itself, women have exhausted their reserve of 24g of sugar daily. Men, yes you do have the advantage but only 10g left which means 2.5 teaspoons. Think about it!!!

Many studies have linked high sugar consumption to obesity, heart disease, depression, impulsive behavior and many more. As it has been rightly said in the ancient science, what you eat can make you healthy and it can also make you sick. Remember, you should know what you are putting into your body. Educating yourself is the best way to make sure you know what you are eating.

Lastly, I would like to share this video of the American fitness and nutrition expert Jack Lalanne who was also called the ”godfather of fitness” and the “first fitness superhero”. Click here to see an old video by him on sugar.

Feel free to post any questions / comments you have related to this article. Hope this article helps you get your daily sugar intake (added sugars) in check!!

Sprouted bean salad recipe

sprouted bean salad

Do you feel like having something warm and tangy in this winter?? Below is a quick & easy recipe for proteinaceous salad!!!

Total prep time: 10 minutes!!!


Sprouted beans (or sprouted mung beans) – 2 oz

Broccoli slaw – 1 oz

Baby spinach – 8-10 leaves

Green peppers – 1/4 cup chopped

Tomatoes – 1 medium chopped

Garlic – 2 cloves, finely chopped

Hot sauce – 2 tbsp

Heinz Tomato sauce – 2 tbsp

salt to taste

Black pepper – 1/4 tsp

Oil – 1/2 tsp

Mix Hot sauce and Heinz tomato sauce in a bowl and add 3/4 cup of water to it.


In a pan, heat oil and add the finely chopped garlic to it. Then add the mixture of hot sauce & heinz tomato sauce to it. Mix it for 2 minutes, till the liquid starts boiling. Then add all the other ingridients from above except baby spinach and heat it for 2 minutes, gently stirring in between. Lastly add the baby spinach and let it cook for a minute. Remove from heat and add salt and pepper. Serve hot.

This is a very good salad sepecially for winters as its a warm salad and a great protein source. You can add any vegetables to the recipe you want. Let me know if you have any questions / comments.

Save yourself from weight gain this Thanksgiving

thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving is just few days away from today. As we all are getting ready to spend this holiday with our families and friends, many of us might be scared about gaining weight; after all its the start of the holiday season. Research shows that most of the people gain weight around this time of the year. Does this problem sound like yours? Well then read this article and check what you can do differently on thanksgiving and during this holiday season to prevent yourself from gaining those few extra pounds.

First and foremost, DO NOT MISS YOUR BREAKFAST. Have a good healthy breakfast. I do not mean having bagels or donuts in your breakfast but healthy breakfast like milk and cereal, egg sandwich, egg omelette with a slice of whole grain toast, oatmeal etc.

DO NOT STARVE yourself till the time of party. This is another big mistake most of us do. We do not eat anything because we are saving those calories for that thanksgiving feast that we will have and ultimately you start binging on whatever dish you see first at the party. If you do not starve yourself till the party time, you will find yourself making some wise decisions regarding eating that day. Enjoy everything but in limits!!!

Fill yourself before you go to the party, so that you are not jumping on food as soon as it arrives. Typically having a fruit like apple or pear which fills you up at such times works, not to mention, you get the fiber and other nutrient benefits of it as well. Even a bar which is within 150 calories can save you here.

Select pumpkin pie over pecan pie and save yourself around 150 calories. Remember most of us need at least 30 minutes of workout to burn those 150 calories.

Eat Slowly. Enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends while you are eating and talking. Put your fork down in between the bites. It is a very simple thing but it does save you from those few extra calories which you might otherwise have. Savor each and every bite of the food you eat that day.

Finish with your exercise that morning or participate in a local turkey trot 5K or 10K walk or run by signing up early this week.

Think and plan beforehand about what you can do differently this holiday season to prevent the weight gain!! You will see for yourself when you start thinking you start making healthier choices!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Spinach Vs Lettuce

spinach vs lettuce

We all eat spinach and lettuce in our salads and sandwiches but how many times have you wandered on which one is good??? How many times have you been to the supermarket / grocery store and wandered which one should you pick – Spinach or Lettuce??? You must be thinking, of course, spinach is better, right?? Yes, that’s correct; spinach is better then lettuce as we all know; darker the colour of green leafy vefetable, better it is. The article below will show you how Spinach is better than Lettuce and also how you can get all the iron from the spinach when you eat it.

Protein sources for Vegetarians

vegetarian protein sources

Protein comes only from meat is a myth. When you hear somebody being a vegetarian, isthis thefirst question that pops up in your head”How do you get your protein intake?” or “Do you get enough protein from your food?” I myself come across this question many times from my clients when they come to know that I am a vegetarian. In this article, I am going to focus on how to get enough protein from the plant and dairy sources for anyone who is a vegetarian or looking to become a vegetarian.

Are the protein shakes really good for you?


Ever wondered whether you should be drinking the protein shakes daily or not? If yes, which ones? There are so many of them in the market that one can easily get confused. People usually associate protein shakes with workouts. So, most of us have a doubt of whether we should have the protein shake on the non-workout days. I often come across this question, “should I have the protein shake even on the days I don’t work out?”

Here is my answer to the above question. Watch your protein intake throughout the day. If you are having protein with all your meals, chances are, you might not need the protein shake on the non-workout days. But you will need it on the workout days , unless you are looking to have good amount of protein in your food within the next hour as your breakfast / lunch / dinner. Protein is needed after workout for the repair and recovery of the muscles you just worked out. The reason protein shake is suggested as a post-workout snack is, it is a complete protein, easily digested and absorbed and gives you all the essential amino acids that your body needs to repair those muscles that you just worked out. Also, it is convenient for people to have the protein shake within one hour after finishing their workout. That way, they dont have to worry about what they will eat after their workout as the protein source.

For an individual, whey protein is the best choice, unless you are an athlete or a body builder, Why? Again, it has the highest biological value of 1 meaning it is a complete protein, easily absorbed into the system and gives you all the essential amino acids that your body needs. An athlete or a body builder might need different protein powder apart from whey but for normal healthy individuals who are looking to maintain or lose weight, whey protein is the best choice.

For vegetarians & vegans, protein shakes are a very good way of getting in protein in their diet. There is a very good plant protein shake that I tried. The company is PlantFusion and it is easy to digest and does not give you bloating or other stomach problems that an individual would otherwise encounter with some protein shakes.

So, be wise in making your decision regarding the protein intake as anything excess is going to be stored as fat in your body.

How can alternate breathing help?

left nostril breathing

There are different benefits of breathing through each nostril. In the last article, we learnt about how the left nostril breathing helps and its benefits. You can click here to read my last article. In continuation to that article, in this article, I am going to mention the benefits of breathing from the right nostril.

What is right nostril breathing? It is a technique of breathing where you breathe in from your right nostril and out from your left nostril. Close your left nostril with your index finger and inhale through your right nostril. Take deep breath as you inhale as deep as possible without straining yourself. Then hold the breath as long as possible by closing both the nostrils and touching your chin to the upper chest. As you increase the internal retention of breath, its benefits are experienced more. Then, by closing the right nostril with your thumb exhale through the left nostril. After the exhale, hold the breath as long as possible by closing both the nostrils before you inhale again. It is also called as Suryabheda pranayam / right nostril breathing. Caution: It is very important that you do not stress or strain yourself while practicing this breathing technique. Do as much as you can comfortably. Practice this breathing technique more in winter as it also helps to heat up your body.


It is very helpful for people suffering from heart problems, rheumatism, rhinitis, neuritis, sinus infections, heart attack, brain stroke, kidney failure.

It also helps to remove cholesterol from the blood vessels and dilate the constricted blood vessels.

I know it is hard to believe in the era of modern medicine, that anything apart from medicines can help with all of the above conditions. Remember, its been few more than 30 years that yoga has been embraced by the West but its origin in India is dated thousands of years back. Yes, there is not much research to prove all the benefits that I have mentioned above or all the benefits that you receive with the regular practice of yoga. But these benefits have been observed and documented by experienced teachers for several centuries. These benefits can be experienced with the regular yoga practice.Commitment is the main key!!!

How can alternate nostril breathing help?

left nostril breathing

We all know how important breathing is for our life. But did you ever hear that breathing from alternate nostrils can have more health benefits. Yes, you read it right!! In yoga, there are several breathing techniques that a person learns and each one benefits your body in a different way. Today, I am going to share with you the importance and benefits of the left nostril breathing.

What is left nostril breathing? It is a technique of breathing where you breathe in from your left nostril and out from your right nostril. Close your right nostril with your right thumb and inhale through your left nostril. Take deep breath as you inhale as deep as possible without straining yourself. Then hold the breath as long as possible by closing both the nostrils and touching your chin to the upper chest. As you increase the internal retention of breath, its benefits are experienced more. Then, by closing the left nostril with right ring and little fingers exhale through the right nostril. After the exhale, hold the breath as long as possible by closing both the nostrils before you inhale again. It is also called as Chandrabheda pranayam / left nostril breathing. Caution: It is very important that you do not stress or strain yourself while practicing this breathing technique. Do as much as you can comfortably. Practice this breathing technique more in summer as it also helps to cool your body.


It is very effective for people suffering from acidity / heartburn.

It helps to calm the mind and reduces fatigue.

Body feels cool and light.

In my next article, I will share about the importance right nostril breathing and its benefits. So Stay Tuned!!

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